Hello everyone,

I am a HEALER and a PSYCH-K Facilitator.

Probably most of the readers knows what’s Healing:

What is Healing: Healing, in one form or another has been around for many thousands of years. Hands-on healing can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian civilisations where Priests used it as part of the service available in temples in Egypt, Greece and the Orient. Today, healing is defined as, the channelling of healing energy through the hands and/or with thought.

How Healing works and its intention: We are energy beings. Every atom and every cell of our body is surrounded by an energy field, therefore our entire physical body is surrounded by a field of energy which we refer to as an aura. It spreads about an arm’s length all around our body.

According to the Eastern understanding, the Universal Life Force flows through the top of the head and down through the chakras, nurturing our bodies with seven distinct kinds of energy, each essential to our physical and spiritual development, and it flows upward through the chakras, communicating individual insight and a conscious sense of universal interconnectedness.

We can think of chakras as discs that contain vital programs.

They contain programmed subroutines that shape our behaviour. We all function by sets of programs, which may or may not be conscious. In this analogy the body is the hardware, our programming is the software, and the Self is the user. We did not write all of these programs, and some of their language is very archaic. The challenge before us is to identify our programs and rewrite them all while continuing to live our lives, yet, this is the task of Healing: balance the Main Seven Chakras located along the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head, re-establishing harmony between the spiritual energy and the physical plane.

What about PSYCH-K®?  PSYCH-K® is a much younger therapeutic modality than healing which requires a more extensive dissertation:

I am sure we all have tried to become a better person over the years, but sometime it feels we are our worst enemy, instead of our best friend. As the saying goes: “if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting“.

How many of us attended workshops or read all the right books, or listened to the most powerful guru…but somehow it seems things are pretty much the same. It’s our willpower? Did we try hard enough? Or may be it’s someone else fault, or society, or religion…what it’s sabotaging our goal’s achievements?       

May be it’s time to try Smarter Not Harder! As Rob M. Williams, originator of PSYCH-K® describes it, as a “user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind“.

What is PSYCH-K®:  PSYCH-K® is a scientifically based method to re-programme our subconscious mind and belief system that drives our everyday life for the 95% of the time. With PSYCH-K® we create a bridge between the physical world and the world of energy. As mentioned in the B. Lipton and S. Bhaerman’s book, Spontaneous Evolution the “Universe is one indivisible dynamic whole wherein all physical parts and energy fields are entangled and interdependent”.

Activating with PSYCH-K® a Belief Change Process, we free our mind from limiting beliefs, therefore we welcome a world of possibilities, instead of a world of pre-programmed limitations. In short, we rewrite the outdated subconscious programs in alignment with our conscious goals, resulting in a happier us!!!

How PSYCH-K® works:Using a well known muscle testing technique, Kinesiology, a PSYCH-K® Facilitator establishes a dialogue amongst the conscious, subconscious and super conscious minds, to then change unwanted sabotaging beliefs through the application of specific balances. When conscious, subconscious and super conscious minds are finally aligned, intuition, volition and action become one! There is no other process that is so complete with such quick and effective changes.

Where can we use PSYCH-K® :  In work and career, success and achievement, sport and fitness, spirituality, self esteem, relationships, wealth, personal power, love and acceptance, health and healing, happiness and joy, grief, loss and letting go, forgiveness, change, body image and weight, addiction release including smoking. Virtually in every area of life impacted by the perceptions and the beliefs that created them.

Beliefs can be a major source of illness and a major force in treatment” Herbert Benson M.D- Timeless Healing

With PSYCH-K®, as Einstein said, “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible”.

Reputation: PSYCH-K® has a proven record of 25 years and is accepted in three major fields – Neuroscience, Counselling & Psychotherapy and Business Psychology (PER-K® – Performance Kinesiology), it is fast expanding in Europe and there is a growing client demand and limited therapist supply.

My Journey:  I began my working life in 1987 as a Pharmacist. Later on, I worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative to then progress to the role of Product Manager, for the Peritoneal Dialysis of Baxter Healthcare in Rome, Italy. In the meantime, having incurred some health issues and managed to solve them with the homoeopathic approach, I began to study the base of the quantum physic to understand the principles of how homoeopathy worked. This introduced me to the fascinating world of energy. In 1991, my life became a constant travel. I lived in the USA, France, Switzerland, UK, and Italy. In each country I found a way of working with the objective to interact with people: as an Italian Teacher at the Adult College in Chicago, giving Orientation Counselling to expatriates at the ORC, as a Pharmacist in UK. My language skills improved, I became fluent in English whilst learning how to speak French and basic German. Then, In 2001, I went back to Italy and this is where my scientific background combined with my interest for the world of energy, along with my love to relate to people, became a real life meaning.

Over the years, being a naturally open and curious person, I became an active learner and I practised, Kinesiology applied to Medicine, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Nutrition, Enneagram, Human Design and Metamorphic Technique. I read about Ayurvedic, Reflexology, Shiatsu etc. as well as Brennan, G. Dembech, T. Dethlefsen, Yogananda, Neal Donald Walsh and so on.

Finally, inspired by my own belief that “Life is too short to keep all the knowledge for our own benefits”, I founded in 2009 the Health Academy, a no profit organisation where I covered the role of President.

The Academy became a meeting point not only for professionals of the medical field, but for everyone generally. Here, my team of 8 doctors and I, started sharing knowledge, by organising conferences, seminars and workshops. Our sole intention was to give to every participants, a global vision of the human body through a professional medical and holistic approach.

In 2011, I left Italy to return to London. Eventually, inspired and intrigued by a book I was reading, I found myself at the Psychic College of Studies. After two years, I got the Official Accreditation as a Healer, and I eventually volunteered for its clinic on a weekly bases. Sometime later Mr. L Horwill , one of my College tutor, introduced me to the Bruce Lipton book, The Biology of Beliefs. This was my key-stone, as everything I had ever learnt in the past, came together, and all started to make perfect sense. It clearly seemed everything I learned, as pieces in a puzzle,  were  finally fallen into the right places.

Bruce Lipton led me to Rob Williams’s book, The Missing Piece “Peace” in your Life. That’s when I discovered PSYCH-K®.

PSYCH-K® gave to me the right key to access our own personal truth, creating a bridge between the scientific paradigm and the world of energy. With PSYCH-K® a new exciting world began!

I worked as a Healer at the Clinic of the College of Psychic Studies, in London, as a therapist at the McMillan Butterfly Centre, at the Epsom Hospital, and at the Princess Alice Hospice, in Esther.

I also managed to lead Meditation Classes in Richmond.

I now live in Barcelona, I love to travel, painting, music, dancing, singing, cooking and entertaining people.

I love my life and I am determined to make a difference.

Conclusions: With powerful tools such as Healing and PSYCH-K®, I have the right key to access our own personal Truth, reach for the Core and change into Who We Really Want To Be, our True Self. Working together and with these two powerful holistic therapeutic modalities, we can really make a difference to our every day life, we can finally achieve our set goals in a very fast and effective way.

Above all, it’s all about restoring peace, contentment, harmony and balance into our life!

There are those who see the world as it is, and ask, Why? And there are those who see the world as it could be, and ask, Why not? George Bernard Shaw

Disclaimer: The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. The PSYCH-K® process as well as the Healing technique are not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor are a replacement for medical attention or professional mental health care.

Link suggested: https://www.psych-k.com